My First Ever Model (Part of a small project)

Very simple, not very good and i chose to post it here to let the people that know best rip me to shreds with feedback :P. All comments welcome, good and bad. I havn’t started any texturing yet.

Rendered image and edit mode view:

.blend file is attatched.

Thanks :D!


Ship.blend (238 KB)

not bad, looks like you have the basics down, im not exactly sure what it is :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say its a ship…the design looks pretty cool(i can see its potential) But for some tips i would suggest doing the following…(im not completely sure of your skill…but ill give some professionalism and some noobish tips)

1- Make the back a little longer for aero-dynamic reasons

2- add more vertices and faces to the long “nose” of the ship

3- Instead of making the wing go straight through the engine, try to make some-kind of clip to hold the motor onto the wing

4- add some materials (colors)

5- Don’t texture it unless you know how to UV map…(it just looks weird if it isnt)

6- Add a subsurf…(maybe…it usually makes it look shmexy)

7- Add overall detail

8- Please! change the blue background(if you dont know how, just ask me…(pm or wtv) :smiley:

9- I’ll give your plane some “improvements”, so you can try to understand what i mean…and for some inspiration :smiley:

10- Keep learning :smiley:

Here, obviously i didnt spend all my time on it…but i just did it do give you some ideas on what to do…:smiley:

(and if you dont think im professional enough…look at my threads…(


heh when i was a begginer i didnt even know what texturing was…guess i was pretty slow

Hah! That looks like a Republic Starfighter from Star Wars Episode 1.

Thanks for the feedback :)!

I may continue and attempt to improve it, if i do, i will make sure to post it here.

Lookin’ good so far

Naboo fighter-ish ( Doug Chiang design )

I like the overall organic/machined shape but which end is the front ?