My first ever post here! <3


Hi these are my first ever posts here, sorry for the horrible quality my computer SUCKSSSSS so I’ve been saving years to get a new one(it took 5 hours to render 1 SECOND of film with only one character on the screen barely moving and no other objects)
It took me WEEKS to get past the lag to make this, it has a whole interior, rockets that go off(as shown), it can drive, it has a turret that I couldn’t get out because it was lagging too much, the turret is in the big blue space on the back(the flaps open and the big jukebox powered 80’s ray comes out), I know it’s badly textured and the words look weird on it but I wanted to see some feedback from people I don’t actually KNOW! I drew the blueprints and designs myself.
Also I wanted to show the interior and the character that actually pairs WITH this car but it only let me post one image in the thing, I also hope that I’m posting this in the right place/doing the right thing this is my first post so I’m sorry if I did this wrong ;-;

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I like it.

Taking in account everything you said, I would suggest to use some denoise. About the car, take some photo references and try to give some softness to the sides that are a bit too flat.