My first ever render. Edges have some unwanted artefacts


I have done my first render ever today :slight_smile: A small but encouraging step for me. You could see this jaggery rim light form on the edges which I don’t know how to get rid off it. Could you possibly help me to tackle this issue?


This can be caused by triangle - fill of the inner circle + subdivision surface:
see this in edit mode

and object mode:

And an easy solution (there are some more, like turning geometry to quads):

To add other loops, select the inner loop, Duplicate (Shift+d) then Scale (s) - repeat as many times, as needed.

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Thanks for the great tip! Indeed, my plate ripples quiet a bit.

Have you noticed this so far? Any idea why is it happening?

This comes from your lights setup and shininess of the material, either change light, or give the material some roughness.

Thanks. Roughness and light tweak help a little :slight_smile: