My first evil blend

This is the first model I have ever made (other than tutorials), Due to the fact that I have no patience this is as finished as it will get.
Please don’t hold back as criticism is the only way I will learn.

this is my first post, how do I post a larger image?

a bit better

nice but still kind small is there anyway you could give a closer up shot of the right half. thanks

Yeah, I agree with 1618. This looks very cool, but a larger version would be nice.


Good job, but what did you plan to do with the left side?

bigger version:

Excellent work, especially on those chains :eek:

Wow. Very good meddeling. You might want to put a bit more light on the guy. And maybe hair. BUt thats nothing, relly its a great peice of art. :smiley:

I agree. Great job

Great idea! I always wanted to see Jar-Jar in chains as well…

what programs have you used before? looks like maya…?

I would say definitely more light and contrast (color too?) in the scene. also, IF you were going to work on it more some more variation in the chains.

Awesome modelling!

Here’s a couple more images,
I never really intended to finish this, it is my first self directed project in any
3d app, it’s got to a point where I’m sick of it and want to start somthing new
the final layout is a shallow attempt at finishing it, with the empty space trying to balance the composition.
a bit dark i’ll post some lighter renders soon.

Oh yeah… it’s alot better now that I can see his innards hanging out. Good stuff.

I don’t think those are his innards, they are a snake. what is the snake for, well…

Cool, this is very good for a first project. I love the concept and the feel of this one, although I think the background could stand to be a color that isn’t so close to the color of the creature/thing. You seem to have the modelling down pretty well, but I think his skin/clothing could use some retexturing. I’ve always found that some good textures, even if all they add is a little variation, can add a lot to a project. Great work so far, I hope to see more from you in the future.

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