My first exterior render!

Hey Guys this is my render(Testing my New Material Node Group shader MATsurf)!

heres the render,it rendered in cycles with 400 simples

And I use only one node step to complete those materia(Although Data and texture are different)
By The way , I have try someting new!! Yeah that is camera projection!
(I have a poor machine so I can only use this technique to render animation)

I think I should use chroma key for the sky at first time but finally I dont use

I setting some animation Steps…
Im not sure I can post the animation here(I having finish yet) ya but this is my render I hope you like it¬:cool:

And I’m creating a free physically based render node step(For easier render and setting)
Heres my concept!

using same node step to do different material!
And I will painting different texture to satisfly this node step!

Ok This is diffuse shader not metal( I type it wrong)
Anyway this is node group. Not New things in blender!

looks good!

Aw! The material group looks dope! Subscribing!
My only critique is the shadow is too black. I’ll suggest you too add one more sun to lit up the shadow a bit.

Thanks anyway wolfgann for promoting my page!