My first eyeball, thoughts?


Just finished modelling my first eye and would like to know your thoughts, improvements etc :slight_smile:

Thanks, Glenn

great, that a texture?

Yeah partly.

I followed this tutorial

Though the one at the top of the page there looks better than mine, can’t figure out why.

I really like that iris.The cornea stands out as too clean in contrast to the detail ans realism of the iris.
It would be nice to see a little more color mottling in the cornea and some little veins.

Thanks for the advice, shall give that a go. I guess I could do procedural veins with the clouds thingy.

it looks good, pretty close to the finished tutorial product :slight_smile:

the only thing i have to say is that the edges look a little rough
have you done any smoothing?

it all has to do with the lighting in the one on the link you gave us. Also has to do with the settings you use for a watery, glassy look. I’m still trying to remember how to use everything so I can’t remember the exact names of things. But I hope that I could put you in the right direction (lighting and environment)