My first face and head mesh *Update Jan 11th*

This is my first submission to WIP so be gentle!

I posted an early version of this in the wrong forum recently but the feedback I got said the head was too small compared to the face and it made it look very alien. After much tweaking, here is the work so far.

I need a rest now because all I can see are wires but would appreciate any comments on the progress so far, particularly on topology, proportions and general meshmanship :wink:

PS, there are no eyes/eyelids at the moment so I am sure it will look a little more human then.


Subsurf Mesh:

Test render:

That’s a perfectly good start on a head. I suppose it’s not your fisrt go at the subject, at least my first tries didn’t look even half (or even a fraction) as decent as yours does.

It is the result of me tweaking this : my first thread

…which is my first model with blender.

My tip to others trying to model faces is to use the 3d transform manipulator tool so you can view from the angle that you see the ‘problem’ in but still be able to move edges and vertices along the x,y and z axis:

Here’s an update. Nose and eyelids modeled plus some tweaking of the lips:

Subsurf mesh:

Next step is to start to define the eyebrow/forehead region and work on the chin and jawline. Any hints/criticisms or just general “I think you need to xxx” observations welcome!