My first face (updates 11/9/05)

well… as the name implies, this is my first project working on a face.

evenually I plan to make the whole body but for now just the head.
as you can see there’s not much done yet.
so far though I like how its turning out.

the first two images are ortho
front view ->
side view ->
perspective ->

once I get the ears, all the hard parts will be done.

as for how I am modling it: I am using photo’s of someone I know as background images. she’s about 38 years old, so that accounts for the bags under her eyes. I use curves for areas on the face with outlines, like the eyes.

obviously there’s not much to comment on quite yet, but if you see anything please let me know.


Looks Very good overall. Although theres one thing I want to touch on this, Although I might be wrong, You should should us your reference, but I think that the Part at the end of the Nose, Inbetween the two Hole Bumps, Is too Triangular. Apart from that, The area around the Eyes and the Nose too, look Very nice =).

ah I didn’t notice that. I think it only looks that way from the front though. mostly because of the shadows, but I did check it out and I’ll have to change the area between the nostrals wich realy did look too triangular.

I wish I could post my reference shots. Her nose actualy is kinda triangular.

Thank you for the crit :smiley:

Very early in progress to really make any constructive crits. Coming along nicely for what you have thus far though.

The part between the nostrils, I don’t know the actual name of it, looks very thin/non-existent right now. Could be just from the mirror line though.

I agree that you should post your refs as well. Will help us point things out as you go.

Looking forward to the progress on this one.


I’ve decided to post my refs on here for all of you.

here are the updates first

front view ->

side view ->

perspectice ->

and here are the ref shots

without grid lines ->

with grid lines ->

now remember, this is my mother. so please be kind.

anyway, many of the changes were subtle. such as, the area around the eyes were facing up too far, so I changed that. The outside corner of the eyes were to far up making her eyes sem a bit too slanted. the part on the very top of the mech, just above the eyes but below where the eyebrows would be, had to wide of an angle. the nose had a lot of unnessesary triangle which I changed to quads. I also fixed the bridge between the nostralls, though what u guys were talking about is just a trick of the light.

There are some things that I can already see needs work. some areas of the nose need a little smoothing. I think the area that connects the lower right part of the nose where it begins to crease, to the lower part of the bags under her eyes is too far out.

sorrey, I know there still isn’t much to crit on, but there will be more in the future.

here’s a link to a view of the bottom of the nose so you can see what I was talking about. I actualy didn’t change much.