My first face...

Somthing just doesnt fit wiht this… any sugustions?
-Katsuro Nakamura

Ur right Katsuro.Something’s wrong.Just take a photo of a face and look at then u’ll realize.
What I noticed and which is positive is that u seem to have manageg ur subsurfs rather fine. There’re no unevenesses on the face, on the contrary, it’s rather smooth and for a first face, congratulations!But I think u’ll grow if u look at pictures of real faces to see how they’re formed.The regions around the eyes, around the nostrils, the lips etc.Good luck!
What I have so far. Ne ideas on improvments, non texture related?

I too agree, that you have a good grasp on the meshing and control of it, however the human face is so hard to accomplish, you almost always need reference material to work from. At this stage, it is too early to give a thorough C&C, but I suggest that you save the project often (with different names) because you’ll be doing a lot of tweaking.

well that’s not a bad first face, and for a hasty advise i sayeth:
exaggerate. Exaggerate the skull at the eyebrows, the nosebridge, the edge between nose and cheek, put the eyesockets deeper into the skull, give more edge to the jawline - don’t be scared to use edges! They are goood.
For modeling faces, you really should try (if you’re not already doing that) loop modeling. That means you create a mesh that consists out of quad-loops, of which the smallest possible version would be the cube, one resolution higher would be a subdivided cube, etc. This way, you can split vertices to make openings for eyes and mouth and still keep the mesh very clean and nice to work with, so all the edges you want to exaggerate are already there for you!
good luck :slight_smile:
First thing that poped into my head when I saw this-Who took my pie?

Night all

I think in trying to retract the eye sockets as suggested u had that guy go angry. One of the things that would make a character look angry is the gradient of that part between the nose and the forehead (don’t know the name given it by “bio-nerds”) and that’s what makes ur character look so grrrrr…Try reducing that relief.And be bold! I usually find some sort of fear and uncertainty creep into my mind when I model difficult stuff and that keeps me turning the model round and round and just getting nowhere.Don’t let that catch u.Be bold and don’t be afraid of making mistakes or messing up the mesh.Good luck!I think this will take u to the next stage of drawing the eyes, and rest of the head.

cool… i sucseeded
Thast what i got… tring to make him look evil/angry, and about the eyes… any ideas on that?

Not sure u understood my last post but I was in doubt whether u were actually trying to get him angry not telling u how to do it.But u did all okay.Now u have to go a little further:Work on the nose ie the nostrils.Create that stuff aorund the nostrils(not sure how u call it)Ur nose looks quite manga-like, u may be japanese I understand.;-). And why not give us a render from below the profile so that our judgement may get more inspiration.Luck!

At least someone cares…
Now… Hows about the eyes… I have no clue on how to do that. I was able to get away with the skull (kinda) by just jumping in, but not wiht the eyes
(Sorry all 1024x786 users 800x600 imgs prolly looks huge… but im runnin 1280x1027, and looks fine on mine)

Somthing just doesnt fit wiht this…

It’s the cheekbones… There’s no clear definition at the top of the cheekbone where it sinks back towards the eye socket…

I don’t know why this does not seem to work for u but 3D has the advantage of making people keen observers.U have to look at things like u never did before.A close, critical, observer scanning of stuff.Get a picture of a face.Put it near u and look at it as u model.U’ll be amazed at details on people’s faces u never saw before.And that’s just the secret for the eye.At the level where u are, not to bad.Finish with the eyes and we’ll ger further.U could also get some “makeHuman plugin” models and observe the mesh patterns.They have perfect but CPU costly models.Just look at an eye and good luck again.