My first female model (nude)

After a long time trying to understand how to convert my comics/anatomy knowledges into 3D mesh modeling, I come out with my first definitive (maybe) female model. It is under development and only legs, arms and upper torso are at an advanced state.

Before using Blender (amazing Application!), my favourite program was Cinema 4D. Till few days ago, I still use C4D for my models. Instead this model is my first serious step with Blender. The only thing I missed of C4D is de fantastic magnet tool, really usefull for quick point modeling. Mumble, mumble, there is any similar tool in Blender?

Anyway, here is my test render. I have noticed a strange artifact on the side of the tit, you see? Anyone have suggestion about this problem?

Thank you all, for your interest.

Broken link. The picture doesn´t show.

Yes there is a magnet tool, in fact it has 2 modes “short falloff” and “sharp falloff” press the “o” key to access it. When u access it u will notice at the toolbar a new icon appears, click on it and u can select from the smooth and sharp falloff. When u selct a vertice and hit the “g” (location) key u will notice a grey circle scroll with the mouse to adjust the size. The grey circle is to change the amount of vertices that are effected byt moving the slected vertice.

Thank you very much for the magnet tool explanation Haker.
I quickly resolve the broken link problem, Berglte.

Thank you.

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I have modified image link with one not broken… I hope. I can see it! You?

very nice start! i like the modeling,you need to solve some artifact problems,but im sure you will get rid of that.
keep working on this

I think that artifact represents a small strand of faces running along it’s breasts. Go into edit and the face view, and see if maybe there are a few extras.

It’s pretty good so far. Last tiem I tried to make a woman, everything was great, but I had a very hard time on the breasts.

Thank you very much. Even if your help comes a little too late (just because this thread is old, not your fault), your supposition is exactly what appened. :smiley:
So if your suggestion had come earlier it would have really helped me. Moreover your help can become usefull for anyone else reading this topic. For this reason thank you very much.

I have already resolved the artifact some time ago and the reason was exactly the one you suppose. Great :wink:

It exist any image online I can see of the woman model you talk about?

Eh, eh! Anyway, thank you for your appreciation. :wink:
For breast i simply used a sphere and cuted off the back part of it. Than I attached it to the torso mesh doing some manipultation. But basically is a sphere.

I can post some screenshots of the wireframe mesh, if you want, and the pencils I used as a base to model the woman.


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Eh, eh! Don’t worry. :wink:

I appreciate your interest.