My first finished Blender 2.57 project - Cube in Empty Space

Hello Blender Community

Below is my fist project entirely produced with Blender. Project time was about 5 weeks, not including the rendering. I can produce a tutorial if there is enough interest.

Any questions?

Cube in Empty Space

Perfect modeling, dude.

Point of this… is…?

Humor, dude, humor.

wow… mind=blown I can tell you worked really hard on this, it’s amazing :wink: haha

love the humor man gave me a good laugh :smiley: kinda reminded me of dono’s demo reel

lol hilarious

Modeling, Lighting, Rendering…it’s all simply perfect, how did you come up with such a master piece? This needs moved to the BA Gallery I think! +230 EXP

You’ve got to slow down, I can see you havent had it for long, I haven’t either. I suggest using texturing and less modifiers, I really like how it tells a story though, Im pretty impressed. Not bad man, Well done!

how many times can you hear a joke before the punch lines wears thin? this particular joke is past its sell by date.

Yes, the joke is getting old.
But it’s still not completely there yet.

@FreeMind dude it stinks like week old fish someone forgot to put in the fridge. The thing has a boomerang time of 6 months.

I don’t really find it funny anymore, but other people are still laughing.

I miss the yellow cube with interesting lighting. Probably none of you even know what I’m talking about.

looks like the new character in crysis 3 :open_mouth:

care to shed some light on that yellow cube plantperson?

Je je… really funny!!, I dont expect something so original! Good talent.

Nah this is nothing. I can render a sphere with a cylinder going right through it! Would you all like to see it?

This appears to be the default scene in Blender 2.5. If you worked on this for 5 weeks I feel very sorry for you. :slight_smile: Very humurous joke.

lol, I love when people do this, its so lame its funny.
This was my one little lame joke, I look back now and think I should have added music.

But not everyone has heard this joke. I have a couple times, but the blender community needs laughter sometimes.


Tutorial PLEASE!