My first "finished" blender project

(rknop) #1

No, it’s not really finished… nothing is ever finished, I just stop working on it.

At any rate, I’m pretty new to Blender; it was the announcement of the Blender Foundation campaign that got me here. I’d been looking for a good open source modelling program, and this was my opportunity to hopefully help bring one about. (I’d even started writing my own in C++, intending to made models for use with POVRay, but of course that is a gigantic project, and I’m much happier to have Blender.)

I have done some 3d before; I once did an “educational video” of a particle moving in a magnetic bottle with POVRay, that I showed to the Physics 1 class at Caltech. And I futzed around with Aladdin4D a bit on my Amiga. Never anything serious, though, and I’m definitely not an artist. Today was my day to learn about creating particle systems, which was the last touch on this picture:

The jupiter texture I got from James Hastings-Trew’s page (


(A2597) #2

Well, whats the point of posting a picture if not to get comments?

First off, lower the size of the stars (Using the size, maxdist, mindist, etc)

then add shadows to the ship (Useing spotlights) make certain the shadow doesn’t cast onto the planet. :slight_smile:

Then, add some motion blur. (Select ship, press up arrow to jump to frame 11, hit I, Loc siz, rot) press down to go to frame 1, press I, loc, siz, rot, press up twice to get to frame 21, press I, loc siz, rot. in the render buttons check Mblur, and set how much. render.

I think that would help alot. Otherwise, Nice!!! :smiley:

(sten) #3

hey rknop !!

welcome to the Blender community , great to see you finally
got an home :wink:

and if you like to show projects you are working on and not finished
I would recommend you enter this forum instead: (WIP forum)

and btw…keep up the good work !

(shibbydude) #4

That’s a pretty good rendering. I have a bad habit of posting pictures I do on other people’s posts, but: This is a Juipiter rendering that I did. The trick is to squash the planet so that it’s height is about 10% less that it’s width. This is because it is so largely made of gas - and the rotation makes the gas move in a fluid motion to the equator. So if you want a realistic render make sure to do that. Also, the motion blur would look great but it would also look great if you turned down the reflectivity of the spaceship material and gave it a darker color.