My first Finished model

Hey all, so here is my latest and only finished model.

it is 1356 faces and 1276 vertices
it also has:
one 2k texture map
one 2k normal map
and one 1k specular map

I am open to all comments about the model, so if you see something you dont like please let me know so I can be a better modeler.


pretty good…

Is this meant to be a game asset? If so, well done!

Thanks guys.

It is supposed to be a game asset. My only problem now is I don’t know what to do with it.

Needs sights.

That is one of the beauties of it, well for me at least. I did not add all of the options onto the model itself because now it becomes customizable.

Darn good! I used to do low quality guns (lower than 1000 verts! :o) So I can really look at that and appreciate the hard work put into that :smiley:

I think a more detailed diffuse texture and normal map is needed, right now it’s smooth and the color is somewhat boring. Nice modeling though, I think this is great for a first model.