my first finished project: Island paradise

this is my first finished image crits are welcome.

The trees look like paper mashe. Land looks good but you can tell its a square. Might want to fix that. And the water looks way to wavy. You should have it smooth then have maybe a few waves coming in.

aight i’ll work on it and probably post a new image later.

Is the pink noise in the sand intentional? :wink: I assume you just added a noise texture without modifying the mapping options. Try to find some texturing tutorials… and then keep on blending. You’ll see blender becomes addictive really fast.

the noise i forgot to edit i know how to so thats another change in order. I just realized how the water in the front magnifies the difference in color but yeah i’ll change that.

It looks to me like you used the wave effect for your waves. I think you went a little too literal there. Wave effect is good for animating waves (even then . . .). Use a normal or disp map instead. Distorted noise set to either makes nice rough waves, as does clouds, and stucci works well for softer, gentler waves. You will get MUCH better waves than this with some well used procedurals.

Anyway, not too bad. Has a nice paradise feeling to it.

did some work with the land and the water ( and yeah it is made using the water effect) the waves are much calmer this time around.

i think the water is to reflective but apart from that great work