My first finished project. The Beauty of Industry.

Well, I’ve finally finished a render. The small square field is surrounded my 4 mirrors. There is really only one rose. It is made of piping for the stem, shards of metal for the leaves, and large metal plates for the petals. The grass is nails. The mirrors make the box have an interesting shape, due to the way the reflections work.


it would be much easier to crit your work if you woulda provided a bigger image

from what i can see from just this,the rose stem is way to huge for the actual flower

where the mirror meets the gras on top right there is like a light souce that shouldnt probobly be there, the reflection makes it look…weird…

but overall, for a first project this is good

Thanks. I’ll probably start mapping out Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus for my next project, maybe even working in a walkaround thing. 'Tis a pretty big campus though, may take a while.