My first finished render

Please give me any comments that you find relevent. Modeling, lighting, composition, questions or suggestions. They will be greatly appreciated.


the cloth on the tent is reflecting

last i checked that type of cloth doesnt reflect light at all

another thing is the cloth wrincles, it looks a bit like plastic, maybe give it some more wrinkles and make the opening a lil less streight?

thanks for the suggestions

That’s pretty good for your first time… I especially like the lights, and all of the little holes.

Vitaliy: I wanted wrinkles in the cloth too. Here are the problems I am running into:
those little spheres and the cresent moons are seperate objects so it makes it difficult to maipulate the cloth beneath it. I have been trying to use UV unwrapping with paint to make the moons a part of the surface of the tent but it just looks pixilated and like crap. The best that I can do right now is make dimples in the tent. I’ll post that image here but I don’t think that I’ll keep it.
As for the reflectiveness, I toned it down a little but I actually liked that about the material. Thank you so much for the comments.

3dak: Thank you


if you select all of the objects that you want controlled and push Ctrl-P, you will make make them parented, and or grouped. You then can manipulate the cloth…if they will stay where they are supposed to I am not sure…

It is something to try though…

or you can shift select the tent and stars/moons, and hit ctr-J that will join them into one object

Thanks for the suggestions, but the moons don’t bend and fold when I use both parenting and joining.