My first finished textured monster

this is my first fully textured arachnid monster from the movie starship troopers
i added bump maps and image textures

any comments or suggestions are appreciated ps i need help on adding armatures thnks;)

are those sandlions in half-life? or are they sand lions in Starship troopers?
edit: oops, didn’t read

Looks good, but I would think that those front limbs would also be jointed and not skinned - there seems to be two sets of them that are like that, but the back ones are jointed. Other than that, I like your model. You might refine your material after you put it in a better environment; the specular highlights might be a little sharper and more ‘hard’, but that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:
Very good work!

put some subsurf on him…

i already did hes supposed to look like that hes a bug with sharp corners : )):eyebrowlift: