My first four Blender attempts

Hi everyone! I´m pretty much a newbie in 3D Graphics. I´ve been using Sketchup, Ventuz and After Effects for some work in the event industry. Mostly 3D animated backgrounds and lower third graphics. I started learning Blender a week ago out of curiosity, and was hooked instantly. I am now determined to learn this thoroughly, as I find it lots of fun, and as I can see it coming to use professionally.

The last few days I´ve been trying to make a scene per day, and I thought I might as well share what I do from the get-go. I hope it is OK to post work this simple in this forum. Please tell me if it is not. So I´m trying to learn modeling and shading as for now. This seems like a great community and it´s amazing to see that people are helping each other learning and evolving in the crafts to such an extent, here and in other communities. Feel free to comment and criticize!


And the last one:

sorry, double post of the fourth image


You know more than actual Blender users…well done!! :smiley:

Great work jdetlof! You pulled that glass off incredibly well. The cycles glass material makes glass easier, but the trick to believable glass often lies in the lighting, which was done very well. There’s just one small issue with the mug’s handle in number 4. Not sure how you modeled it, but it’s looking segmented. This could be for a number of reasons relative to whether you used curves or a mesh to model it. But other than that it looks really good and well done for attempting a more complicated fluid simulation with the coffee there!

Looking forward to great work from you if this is how you start!

Thanks a lot for your encouraging comments! For the handle I used a mesh circle, which I extruded to a plane and then solidified and sub surfed (if I remember correctly). Maybe I could have subdivided some more to avoid that look. The spoon has a similar problem if you Look closely, which I think is due to the fact that it is made of a circle capped with concentric triangles, which are then subdivided and sub surfed, so the loop next to the edge of the wide part of the spoon is quite uneven, resulting in that jagged look. I try to do as many mistakes as I can, hoping to learn from them. :slight_smile: