My first full scene, pretty beginner.

I love the work here and haven’t posted yet because I didn’t feel I had th chops. I’m still a beginner but working hard at it. I already know what I would do differently in this one which is add much more detail to the house so it had a more real feel. Stuff like individual wood plank siding and shingles. More detail in the structure too are needed. I’ll carry that forward into my next projects.

I like this. Great job for starting out.

I think that the house has a nice effect
The way it is processed makes it look like a stylized price of work
Good but I have some criticism
The trees on the side are out of place… maybe you could use a better HDR

Great work for an early project

Some of my early work

Nice! Next time you will be doing a house, try to lit it inside, as if the lights are turned on, it will help you to get rid of the creepy feeling of a haunted place you have now (unless it was something you were going for:))

Very good indeed for someone claiming to be a beginner. As a beginner I used to be pretty kicked about getting just a close likeness, forget about realism.

One small point - the sky background seems a bit off-perspective. Anything you can do about that?

Thank you! I actually didn’t use an HDR. I used a free addon called sky free and then an alpha masked fall tree image, which I could move up and make better.

I might be able to do that. I used an addon called sky free and I’m pretty sure you can set perspective but I’ll have to check.

@margenta thanks a lot. I was going for an abandoned house feel, yes.

@white_rabbit glad you like it!

I like how artful this is. The bump on the house is a bit too strong maybe though? I really like the color of the grass with the color of the sky. I think it is a good grasp of color there.

Thanks. Yes, after I look at the house more and more I think I could turn the bump down a little bit.