My first game asset creations

Hi blender artists.

I am new to modeling in profesional tools like blender, and i desided to make my first game assets and post some screenshots of my progress so far. My first asset is a modular Sci-Fi green house for a game i am thinking about building in ue4/ue5. i am a little bit nervous about showing my first efforts at modeling, but i thought what better place than here.

Thnx for your time.

Any feedback will be welcomed!


My appologies my image dost work?

Ah its ok fixed it!

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Looks great to me, Although i’m also pretty new to blender (Just working in it in my limited spare time for now) So i can’t make any indepth comments other than to say looking good so far.
Do you intend to just do the moddeling or are you going to do the whole process of texturing/materials/uv’s etc yourself?

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Hi LovecraftianPenguin

Thank you for your feedback, to be honest im not very good at uv’s and texturing, so for now i’ve just assigned some materials to different parts of each modual and done a basic unwrap, just so i can import them in to ue4/ue5 and drop some materials on to them. I really need to learn to unwrap and texture them properly in blender!

The results after exporting to UE4.


Nice TJunctions.
Carefull with this gun !

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Thnx! Ha ha, Sir, put the gun down!

hi…i’m new to blender too.
i just wonder how did you color those model in solid mode?
mine is only grey color.

Hi There

First you Have to select the model you want to colour, then go into (edit mode+face select), select the faces you want to colour, change viewport shading to (display in material preview mode), click on (Material Properties tab), click on (Add new material) and change its colour, then click (Assign).

I hope this helps! :grinning:

ah… that’s it!
thank you so much

No probs! glad to help :+1:

Yeah, there’s a lot to learn to be sure, I can see why there are so many different specialist fields in 3d/Game art. Still, Looking good :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, easy to see why it takes so long to make games, even with big teams!

Just a progress update on the lighting for my game environment, just need to rotate some uv’s on the glass windows for the green house, just about to add the day night cycle and then start bringing in some more moduals for testing!

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