My first game character


I finished the modelling and unwrapping part of my first game character.Polycount is around 5500 tris.What do you think of it?

Wires coming soon,I don’t have them on the computer what I am using right now.
Today will be the rigging day,I hope everything works out,never rigged a character with armor on it.

If rigging works good too,then the fun part will come:Sculpting!:smiley:

looks good. How long did it take you to model it?

Hello. Nice one. Is it for a medieval game or for a futurist one?

Total modelling time is about 5 hours.He will be the main character of the game:Fortress 208.
The concept of the game starts with a pretty cliche story:An unknown race living on a moon/planet/whatever travels in space for a long time,then the gravity of Earth makes the moon orbit around it.
The creatures then swarm the Earth,leaving darkness behind them.The humans build fortresses to protect themselves,but they cannot survive the horde of evil.Most of the planet is in darkness,and there is only one hope:
Those who survived the onslaught,flee to Europe,where they build the strongest and last fortress:the Fortress 208.This is the only way to Europe,the only part of the planet which is full of light.
The people find meteorites used by the creatures to come down to Earth,and these rocks contain a special metal alloy,which is stronger than any fabric.
The material is very rare,so they can only craft armor and weapons for four people.Four heroes who will become the leaders of humanity.
Will the monsters bring darkness to Earth,or will humanity prevail?It depends on you…

And now the cool part:gameplay.

There are two teams:good and evil(name not thought up yet).
The good defend the fortress,and the evil team has to conquer it.There are four heroes on each side,each have their own special abilities.They play the game in FPS/TPS view.
The captain/warlord is the leader of both teams.He will follow the battle in RTS view.
He will control thousands of regular units(melee,ranged,flying etc.)and give tasks to the heroes.There will be two phases repeating:day and night.The fight is at night,while in the daytime the two teams can recruit soldiers,build cannons,siege engines.
This is the game in a nutshell.

Our team consists of two programmers,2 concept artists(one of them is me),4 modellers.
We are using Irrlicht Engine at the moment,but that might change.
The single player part of the game will be free,but you have to pay for the multiplayer part(the project is mostly non-commercial,we need money for servers and software like crazybump,mudbox,painter to allow better workflow for our next projects).
The game is due to sometimes next yeat,maybe early 2011.
If you wish to join,we have some criteria:
Modellers:You should be familliar with lowpoly modelling,You should be able to model buildings,weapons,maybe characters,and know how to UV unwrap things.
Animators:You should know how to animate runcycles,jumps,walkcycles,fighting moves.
Programmers:Intermediate C++ knowledge.
Concept artist:Some drawing skills;)
Texture artist:You should be able to create believeable textures.You can use any program,that is your own business.

That’s all folks,I am rigging right now,possible update in the afternoon.

The model looks great. Are you planning a game or is this for a demo reel? I look forward to seeing how it looks with texturing. Should be awesome.

Yeah,this is for the game I mentioned in the thread.Well,I hope that it will be good enough to fit in a demo reel :smiley:

Whoa,rigging this guy is a tough job.Mainly because the armor shouldn’t bend,and that is a bit hard to achieve for me.I’m gonna sculpt a bit because I got angry pretty quickly while rigging :stuck_out_tongue: .Sculpting is fun!

After screwing around with normal mapping in Mudbox(it freezed every time every single time I wanted to export the normal maps),I decided to try zbrush.All I can say is HOLY CR*P THIS SOFTWARE IS AWESOME!Seriously,Mudbox freezed at 6 million quads,while ZBrush was still running quite well at 12 million quads.Also,when I tried to generate a simple normal map,it took only 3-4 seconds,awesome!
And then I saw the texturing and painting brushes.I am definitely buying this piece of gold!
ZBrush FTW!(So next update will be about sculpting and texturing instead of rigging,I just want to dig deeper and deeper in ZBrush)

Okay,looks like I screwed up the topology of the shoulder(again…).So,back to the drawing table!