My first game: Crystal Space Monopoly

Hi guys,

Allow me to introduce my first WIP game: Crystal Space Monopoly (csmonopoly).


CSMonopoly is a free monopoly game based on an 8-year old commercial game called Richman-4 which was developed by Softstar. This game vastly differs from traditional board or electronic monopoly games in 4 ways.

Firstly, this game is semi-3D. The environment of this game is fully 3D, but the characters are restricted to moving on a 2D surface. The characters themselves are fully animated 3D avatars with a few built-in animated moves. The buildings in this game are also fully 3D.

Secondly, the fate of the players now depends much less than the throwing of the dice. On top of money, players can also acquire “street credits” on various spots of the map. The street credits allow a player to buy magic cards and tools which they can use to provide additional aids to themselves, or impede the progress of other players. For example, you can use the hibernation card to cause all the other players to sleep for 5 days while you paint the town red, or you can blast a player with a missile and send him to the hospital for 3 days.

Thirdly, there are also a dozen types of non-traditional locations available on the maps. These locations can generate different types of random events that can affect some or all the players in the game. For example, the Luck square will generate a random event for the player on it, and could send him/her to jail or award him/her lots of money. The lottery square allows you to buy a lotto ticket which could translate to a big fortune. You could also buy and sell stocks from the stock market, or borrow money from the bank.

Finally, there are some additional non-player characters randomly distributed on the map. These include gods and street gangs. Players that stop at the square of a god would have the god attached to them for 7 days, and that could be 7 days of fortune or 7 days of bad luck. Street gangs tend to beat up and rob players who are unfortunate enough to cross paths with them, however, they could also be hired to do your biddings.


This game follows a similar production pipeline as the newly announced Apricot project. In other words, the code is written using the Crystal Space game engine, but the contents are created with Blender and converted to CS data using b2cs. Furthermore, the actual code is written in Python using CS’s python bindings.

Additionally, I have written a map editor for creating maps of the monopoly world, and this editor is written in Jython code.

Here is a screenshot of the map editor:

Here are some screenshots of the game, note that the map is really at its bare bone stage and looks rather unimpressive. All the buildings are fillers generated from Blender geom primitives.


As the screenshots indicate, the game is in its early stages of development. I’ve solved most of the CS related hurdles for the most fundamental aspects of the game, and I will be starting to work on the GUI interfaces and actual game logic soon.

The project is now hosted on sourceforge, here is the project website:

You are free to use svn to check out the code to have a look.


I hope to release this game under GPL license, and make it a package for Linux. The first major milestone is to finish the local player game and have 3 maps. The second major milestone is to finish the network player game and have 5 maps.

What you can do …

Any help would be greatly noted and appreciated. As I said, this is a free open source game, and any contribution is welcome. However, as you can see, this is a rather small game and its success would ultimately be determined by the artwork. Since I have absolutely no artistic bones in my body, I’m hoping that people from this forum would be able to provide some help, and this may also be an opportunity for you to gain some experiences in game development. In particular, the following types of talents are mostly needed for now:

  • 3D artists who know how to use Blender
  • 2D artists who can draw stuff
  • Musicians who can compose game music and sound effects
  • Python coders who have some experience in Crystal SpaceAnyway, thanks for reading, and please let me know if you are interested in getting involved.


Sounds like a cool idea :slight_smile:
I can do music if you like, PM me if you’re interested in hearing examples of music I’ve done.

Thanks so much!! I’m totally interested in hearing your music!


you do music, cool! do you have acsess to an orchestra or some sort of software?

anyway, the game sounds like a cool idea!

you do music, cool! do you have acsess to an orchestra or some sort of software?

No, I don’t have access to an orchestra, but that would be really cool :smiley:
I use an open-source program called Psycle; it sounds just as good as the real thing really :wink:

Thanks!! And you are welcome to become a developer. :cool:

Feel free to get the code and see what the game is like right now. :smiley:


I make CS content too, I have donated to a few of the projects already…
I have some nice trees and bushes you might want for your planters in the sidewalks, and for your parks :smiley:

they might even work for your backdrop map.
I will package them tonight, and see if they work with the bleeding edge CS walk through.

Fantastical!! Please PM me if you’d like to to be added to the list of developers!



I’ve PM’d you, check it out.


I can make almost anything (so far). Although, I’m not too good at the UV mapping. Just tell me what you need.:cool:

I’ve sent you a reply, thanks so much for showing interest!