my first game! ...sort of.

Just a little off road driving thing. It’s the first thing I made that remotely resembles an actual game so I thought I’d share. I know it could use work. :stuck_out_tongue:

this is not bad to be a first blender game :slight_smile:

Thanks! I think I will add some better textures though.

i like it! one question, how did you get the camera to act like that?it never works for me. :x

select the camera and click ‘slow parent’ in anim buttons, and set the offset to between 2 and 8 or so.

there is one problem with slow parent… when you drive on a long road with the car then the camera stays more behind every second, until I can’t see the car anymore…

Nice game for a beginner, I like the way you model everything… ecspecially low-poly stuff… That boring low-poly head was good… :smiley:

Good work modron :smiley:

making car games in blender can be tough, I hated the ground rotation stuff.

Looking good so far though, I like your car model alot.

Thanks guys, I am working on a much more elaborate version with cool obstacles and monsters and stuff.
<edit> i was going to make the car more elaborate but everyone seems to like it as is, so i guess i will leave it. %|

no… I just said I like your modelling… u should still make a better car :smiley: