My First Game

Im going to need a lot of help on this game. im either doing a side scroller or a 3rd person adventure game. i dont really have much of a story.i need help figuring out the name if the main character.

basicly he fights ingown townails and stuff. he goes through enviornments than feet and hands would go through(SP). im going to need help withe controls. can some one help with jumping.

uhh ya i can help you with your juping problem. say you wanna make it space bar to jump k. you have to make the first block touch, and type the property of the ground. then AND in the second , then play around with the values in the third(FORCE)to find the z axis, and then try positive values. then your hand should only be able to jump for a second and not just fly away. cuz it has to be touching the ground for the control to be enabled.

That?And where game?I also have looked at this model - horror!

on 200 ranges the structure of a leather, well this such is tense?To me on much usual cube it will be more nice…

so throw you this invention, all is equal - GAMES not a simple thing, it is necessary to do such things ONLY to the clever person

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Huh?! :-? Matbe i liked it when you wrote in Russian. have you even used blender. you dont know me so dont say anything about “its for clever person ONLY” if you were clever you would get the hell off this forum and go f*** yourself. i bet you cant do Sh88 on blender! :< :<

What is that site? does it have ANYTHING to do with thos post or this forum?!
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All right, I not the cleverest in the world, but very well know Blender (except for a python),
also I can to create for 1 day that be primitive, but Nice!

Here for 3 hours I have created the hero with ready logic, a level and primitive AI! It is result of 6 months not Continuous works on Blender…!
(Blender - for ever! Nice)

lets see it fag! :<

/me swoops in to offer some real critiques:

  1. Nice idea and colors, it’s original and could be quite fun
  2. jumping, could be done by simply bending the pointer and middle fingers and springing them back straight.

keep working on this, it seems interesting.

HZ: unless you are offering useful/wanted information, please don’t post.

thank you you calmed me down. i will post some enviornments later.


Hmm, interesting spin. Reminds me a bit of smash brothers where they had the huge glove hand as the boss.

The hand being the main character, you can probably spare a few more polys on it. :wink: Don’t forget the finger nail texture.

%| Me being more or less a python advocate, lol. A sidescroller and 3rd person adventure game isn’t too simple to make. Try to learn most of the functions of the logic bricks and then python afterwards. It’ll definitely help a lot. Hmm, I’ll make a sidescroller demo soon… after erwin fully integrates his bullet physics. I just can’t stand the going through the floor and semi functional axis constraints currently. Yup, problems when trying to do 2d on a 3d engine.

Some people actually have made fairly complete games/demos with logic bricks itself. But you should see all those logic brick connections. Hehe, one good example would be when I first downloaded Lemmy’s Legacy of Taro a long while back. :o Woah, massively complicated logic bricks on that main character. Python might be hard to learn at first, but it’ll make your life a lot easier in the end.

Jason Lin