My First Game


I create games as a hobby, alone. I’m 12 years old, and i’m still new to blender game engine and python.

I created a small game, inspired by Geometry Dash, but not just another copy…

Small “gameplay”:

Sorry for the quality

Playing the game is much smoother than in the video.

I will make the game free to play, but there will be a donate button.


Controls: Left and right click, a and d.

If you download, please comment :slight_smile:
feedback would be appreciated!

Its a damn good game for a 12 year old. U will make a talented game maker by the time u grow up, very well done impressive :slight_smile:

Well done.

Very good job sir! Keep at it :slight_smile:

If you are only twelve and you already have a basic understanding of Blender(others often find its UI very hard) and python then you will go far. Remember to invest a little time each day and you will always be improving.

Thumbs up for Jake!

Also made that gameplay video, very nice of you!

Don’t be afraid to scale up a bit after you’ve done couple of basic games like this, you seem to handle things pretty good. If you do some modeling and texturing you can make your games have themes and settings which make things more interesting to watch as you play.

Wow! Nice start bro

sorry for the little bump but I just want to thank everyone who replied :slight_smile: