My first go at camera tracking

Garden Tetris…

!Great idea! and nice realization :wink: Really like it.

LMAO - not even kidding… Awesome idea. I absolutely love Tetris, my kind of generational thingie, old & crappy as I am… xD

that’s awesome :slight_smile:
no critiques from me

Very funny! That player was gonna lose soon. I could see the writing on the wall :wink:

Only thing negative I could say is that there seems to be very little shadow going on with the pieces.

I really like this! Great 1st go :slight_smile:

There is very little shadow needed. The whole of this part of the garden was in the shade, so I just used a hemi light.

Bravo! This is brilliant.

+1 <3 :cool:

Brilliant! I don’t even care if there is something wrong in the technical side. Very clever.

Amazing idea! Very nice tracked and animated!

Haha! Good one and good job!

And yet, you never made a single Tetris line…