My first "Good" w.i.p. C&C are welcome

So here is my work. I dont have a lot of experience and knowledge in materials and lighting so i’ve downloaded some basic free materials for grass wood and metal. For light i’ve used 3 point lighting system and first problem that i see is the sky but i manage to do that. What you think i can change to make it more realistic?
BTW It was done in blender internal.

Hello, use strand rendering for the grass, turn down the specular level, paint some dirt on the bottom of the grass in this way if any part of your ground is not covered by grass it will look just fine. if I were you I would use a sun system and AO to make it more realistic, another thing is to always show 3d models with a circular ground rather than a “classic” flat plane, it looks more “professional” than the simple plane IMHO.

Andrew Price has an excellent tutorial on creating realistic grass on his website The tutorial was recorded using Blender 2.49, but it shouldn’t be difficult to adapt.

Link to grass tutorial:

Also, currently the scene is very dim considering it is outdoors; Brighten your main lamp, and consider turning on Environment Lighting and give it a blue tint to give it a sense of atmosphere.

Your off to a great start!

Thanks for advices : )
Here is my final results(i’va tried my best to do as you said : ) ).

So what you think ? Can i do now some work for a little money or it will be better to still learn ?
BTW it was a school project.