My first head (Demon)

This is my first head project, so c&c is much welcome. It is far from finished. I plan to uv texture it when finished. I just wanted to post my progress so far and get some c&c before I continue. This is the result of a total of 3 hours modeling on and off yesterday and today.


nice eyes :o im not sure if his nose should be that big?

It’s a little wide from the side. But other then that, looks awesome :smiley: That’s your first head? How the heck.

mr_bomb Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2004 3:22 am Post subject:

It’s a little wide from the side. But other then that, looks awesome That’s your first head? How the heck.

i agree it is a little wide from the side. i’ll fix that. I finally found a tutorial that works for me, that’s how the heck. :smiley:

here’s the link if anyone is interested:


Here’s an updated rendering. I shortened the length of the skull a bit and tweaked the horns. I also started fiddling around with bump mapping. I’m new to uv texturing, so i have a question. When unwrapping to sphere in the image window, which axis is it best to have the face of the demon facing for easier texture creation?


For a first head, Sandman, this is very well done. My first head/face attempt was nowhere near as good as this. As you model these kinds of things one thing I learned I had to watch out for were triangles building up in the mesh as I edited it, as they often lead to unintentional bumps, wrinkles, and other disturbances in an otherwise smooth mesh. Eyes were nicely done too. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Update: I added a cloud texture to simulate coal dust from the fires of hell, and made some teeth to go with him. I also opened the mouth as if he were yelling. Comments and Crits are most welcome. Is there anything I could improve apon?


yeh i know reply is a bit late but just a note, maybe his teeth could be a little less white, im shore evil looking demons wouldent brush there teeth every day :wink:

nice…oh i mean nice model not nice demon…ugly and scary!!

great job.


he must floss…

come to think of it there are a few points i’d like to mension before i forget…

  1. maybe you could make the teeth darker, and put some blood on’em
  2. in my own personal oppinion, i think that the horns should be just a little tiny miny small microscopic bit longer


PS: great work on the eyes

wow the 2nd render is great, nice work, but the wire is strange .

keep working, good work

along with making horns tiny miny bit longer as above make them sharper like the teeth because if I was a demon I would have my horns just as sharp as my teeth!

The proportions are off in the face, but since it’s a demon, easy to get away with. The side view shows a pretty bad disfigurement for a head. Compare to pictures and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s your first though, so no worries. You’ll get it down perfect one day if this is your beginning and you continue to practice.