my first head model

this is the first time i’ve modeled a head
C & C welcome
im having trouble getting the eye balls to fit in his head they keep coming out of the cheeks, i would believe that i would have to move the sockets and such outward a bit is that correct or should the eye ballls not be perfect spheres. ( copying and pasting the link works)
Looks really good. Nice work on the texture of the skin.


uhh, the front looks good but from the side view its way too long pull the back of the head in some, well actually alot, its got a bit of a cone head feeling right now. :slight_smile:

well here’s the reference pic i used. i think its the fact that theres no neck that makes the head look so long
then again i might have stretched the picture in blender on accident i never did check the deminsions for distortion
oh well i guess im not allowed to show that