My first head model


this is my first attempt at something “organic”… i created this human head model after finishing about 80% of the Blender Noob-To-Pro wikibook tutorial, and the head modeling tutorial ( , and the video tutorial specifically on modelling the ear (

i m pretty satisfied with the result… and learnt many new hotkeys and modelling techniques (but i think i will never be able to model at that speed like in the video tutorial! … at least… not anytime soon)

not sure how should i proceed from here… should i adjust the facial edge loops (i came across a tutorial about facial edge loops somewhere in this forum before…) and then learn about rigging/animating the face? or should i colour and skin the model first (using UV mapping??)


Hey, it’s ok for a first attmpt at modelling. Here are some crits for future reference.

First of all, I suggest that you use reference pictures for the side and front.

A good reference picture to use is:

Here is my very quick draw over of some of the problems:

  • The eye balls are too big
  • There are triangles (tri’s) all over the place, I pointed some of them out
  • The back of the head needs to bulge out more
  • The chin need to go in more, he barely has a chin at the moment
  • You then need to work on giving him some muscle and bone structure such as the jaw bone should stick out slightly curving round to the hair, and cheeck bones, etc.

thanks for the sketch!

haha… “The eye balls are too big” i thought so too…
ok i’ll adjust the eyeballs and the shape of the head and neck, and pull out a chin.

“You then need to work on giving him some muscle and bone structure such as the jaw bone should stick out slightly curving round to the hair, and cheeck bones, etc.”
how? won’t it look funny if i pull out vertices/ or edge-loops?

and i also have no idea how to correct tri’s…
do i ctrl+R to make a loop cut or something like that? i get the feeling that using loop cut is “cleaner” than using subdivide… because the latter leaves me with triangles…
erm…why are they bad in the first place?

Well I am still fairly new to modelling, been modelling for about 2 weeks now. Here is a pic of my first head model:
looking back on it I think it is funny, so poorly done :frowning:

But anyway… I am not too sure why you should not have triangles, there is probably someone out there that can you tell you why, but all I know is triangles are evil and you should avoid them at all costs when you begin modelling.

Removing triangles can be tricky, if it is just 2 triangles next to eachother, it can be turned into one quad by selecting them and pressing Alt+J. Also to select all triangles, you can press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+3 (and I just checked that on my model and my model is covered in triangles :frowning: dammit).

To add definition to the face, just try adding more edge loops (Ctrl+R) and then you can move, scale and rotate the edge loops. If you set the view so that you can see vertices and all faces are solid, it really helps.

I was going to say that over time when you model you will learn how not to create any triangles, but as I just found out my model is still covered in them, guess i’ll neve learn :frowning: dam bevel

Here is an excellent reference to see how a perfectly modelled head should look:

hey… for the soldier… is it neccessary to use UV mapping to colour/texture it? or did u do it all in Blender?

and the reference… wah… sexy neck-shoulder muscles!

i was also just about to ask why the eyeballs of my model doesn’t seem to fit nicely after i scaled it down…i found the answer in that reference pic… my eye sockets weren’t even shaped properly!

thanks very much for the reference pict… very useful. the edge loops are so smooth and beautiful… unlike mine…so messy!

  • will post an updated screen of the head model as soon as i corrected the mistakes pointed out.

My soldier isn’t textured or coloured, apart from the hat is a basic blender colour.

You know you can press F12 to render the image?

hweiee, good work so far for your first head, looks a hell of a lot better than mine did :wink: You’ve got the basic idea of what edgeloops are (or so it would appear by your writing) so I don’t think you’ll have too many problems continuenly improving. Just try and keep the edgeloops flowing with the muscle structure.

Livett has posted you a pretty good paint-over for the general shape of the head, however if you’d like some more techniques and what not to help you out feel free to check the two tutorials that I’ve got posted on my site (shameless plug) about doing a female face and an ear:

Another thing, are you using references? It’s always a good idea to use reference images for anatomy, even if they’re just open to glance at from time to time. Using Google Images it’s quite easy to find some pretty good shots, or has some great references.

Keep it up!

see “tracingLoops.png” (look at the left subwindow, yellow edge loop)
is this how i should be tracing the facial edge loops?

i removed the tri’s that i know how to remove… the rest… i have no idea how to remove them. (tris.png)