My First Head Model

Here is my first head model, some feed back on this model would be nice. It is based on the adriana model from Mr. Bomb.;init:.jpg;init:.jpg;init:.bmp

A good start man. A few things. make the nostrils a little rounder. Also, try and get rid of all the triangles, as they’re a no no if you’re gonna animate it, and just in general a good thing to stay away from. Besides that its a pretty good modeling job. Keep it up.

Does removing the triangles include quad’s that have 3 vertices’s on one side?

Removing tri’s only removes faces with 3 edges.

The fastest way to do this would be to select the whole mesh and press alt+J, but this can often lead to unwanted results, so if things look funky after you do that, you’ll have to do it manually.

Nope. Those should be fine. Maybe adjust them so the verts are more evenly placed if possible though.