My first head (UPDATE#6) working on a body"nudity"

This is my first attempt in haed modeling.
It’s a female.

well, i guess it’s nothing to show, can somone remove this thread?

WOW! That looks really good, the loops are excellent. Did you use a tutorial?

Dude, try not to be too impatient when you post. You are dealing with time zones around the world so many of the users may be still in bed!

Anyhow, this is a great start! I would like to see different angles so I can see more of what is going on. A mug shot can only give a certain amount of info. I haven’t exactly measured the proportions of you model but FYI:

Eyes sit center from top of head to bottom of chin.

End of nose sits halfway between center of eyes and bottom of chin.

Mouth sits half-way between end of nose and bottom of chin.

There is typically one eye width between the eyes and a half eye width from the outside of the eye to the outside of the head. (this will help determine the size of the eye as it sits in the head)

Head shape is up to you and will determine how everything else will fall.

Of course these are ideal proportions and not every face follows this, but in artwork unless you are doing a cartoon character these are the general rules or it may look funny.

Is this a male or female head? As a general rule females have more of a pointy head and chin so yours looks more on the feminine side. If it is feminine you may want to give the cheeks a bit more definition.

Hope I have helped, Keep up the good work!

you head looks great for a beginner, however there are some problems with the mesh when you will try to animate it.

check this website:

it will help you alot to understand the importance of tupology in loops
for poly heads. the tutorial is also one of the best i know. so i am sure you will enjoy it.


i’m working at a face too but this one is better
if you want you can remove this yourself
delete is at the post start and next too edit

How do i use instance-mirror in blender, were do i find it??

the corners of the mouth need to pucker in a bit. to mirror, select all verts, shift D to duplicate, and M to mirror. choose X from the popup menu in most cases.

Thanks, the PC crashed before i got to save.
so i’ve started on a new one, im using the subsurf tut…
images comming soon :smiley:

Here are the new pictures, i’m not finished but its something

New update, cleand it up
The image is on the link
C&C please

New update. made a render after i tweaked a bit
it\s on the top of the page, C&C please

Upper lip needs to be more defined. The nose looks a little thin over the breach. I don’t have any experience on faceloops so I won’t comment the wire. I think it looks promising though.

New update, added eyes and skin, also adjusted the lips and the eyes :smiley:
The new one and the old one’s are on the link.

NEW update, i’m working on the body C&C please.

The body’s topology looks pretty good, can’t wait to see what you do with it. The boobs look wrong, they look like implants. they are more tear dropped shape usually. They look like they are pasted on.