My first heads.

Any comments or critisisms will be well recieved.


This is the model rigging and short animated .gif.


I love the style! I would like to see it sub surfaced though. Also You might have normal problems, so turn off double sided in the edit mode, and see if you have black faces. You have to go into set solid mode to see them easily. you click each face that is flip, hit w, and select flip normals. The nose looks like it may have flipped normals.

You seem to have done quite a job on rigging the head, but the image is a little too small to tell.
Also, I’m afraid your rig will become obsolete quite soon, with the release of 2.40, which, if I’m not mistaken, allows you to store and animate vertex states (facial expressions, in this case). Perhaps you should try the alpha release.

Well, firstly, thank you for the comment! However, I have put subsurf on - I have no idea why the model seems so blocky when I render an image of it (I’ve got subsurf on 2), and all the normals are facing the right way (I made sure of that), but I will try turning off “double sided”.

As for the new blender2.40 Alpha2, I have tried it (I’m just waiting for the full version before I do anything) - I love the fliud simulation!

Under subsurf there are two fields, one for the 3D view and one for the render. You need to put them both to the number you want (in this case 2). Sorry if you already knew that.
The model looks good, in a recent image there seems to be a strange ‘point’ on the side of the face, maybe a normals problem or maybe edgeloops. Could we have a wireframe please?

Yeah, I’ve noticed that problem as well, it happened on the front of the face - but I’ve sorted it all out now, and I’m starting to model the body…update coming soon

Here’s some updates - I’ve sorted out the smoothing problem


And here’s some more after I’ve added trousers…