My first high poly renders

I am usually using the game engine in blender but recently I got interested in the high poly modelling side of things because of some of the awesome renders I have seen around these forums. I have got two of my first ever high poly renders here:

So what do you think of them?




High Poly? You got to be kidding lol. I sometime work with 100 000 vertices on some scenes (especially outdoor ones with trees etc)

On the other hand the screen is a nice model. I am just wondering what happened to the background. Must have used a wrong button for the texture in the World Setting

The cube well, its a beveled cube…what else can i say?

Its a good start. I have never used the game engine before though.

Thanks for the feedback,

The background for the monitor was a bit of an accident but I thought it looked okay (in an abstract way), do you think I should change it?

Yes, never mind the cube, it was just my test subject.