My First Human Body

Here is my first attempt at the human figure

I’m a noob and have only been using Blender for about 2 weeks, so any suggestions would be helpful.


Firstly, this isn’t an actual render, so really this should of been in the “work in progress” forum.

As for comments, obviously you havent finnished the hands, you need to get rid of the line that goes vertically down the middle of the chest and the head definataly needs reajusting, cant quite put my finger on the problem, but it does look like the head was stuck on as an after thought, like the hands.

Oh and don’t be surprised if some people write less than friendly comments, people get toughy when works in progress get put in finnished projects. Good work for 2 weeks on blender though.

This is very good for a begginer.Try adding some more detail and fix the hands

It is very good for a start. The whole figure is still a bit square. You can fix this by grabbing vertex loops (a ring of vertices around the arm or leg or torso or whatever) and rotating it slightly away from the perpendicular.

You can learn what I mean by going to and clicking “Free Stuff” --> “Tutorials” (in the upper-left hand corner) and then “Complete Projects” and scrolling down to the “LowPoly Character Modelling” by Ben Mathis.

After that, you can adjust things to be a little less square. You obviously haven’t gotten to the hands yet–that’s a project in itself but I’m sure you’ll do fine.

The feet should turn out just a little (the big toes should be directly forward and not point in). Also, the abdomen and the butt need to poke out a bit more. Don’t forget to select all vertices once in a while and press Ctrl-N “recalculate normals outside” and to Set Smooth (there’s a button down in the Edit Buttons). Also turn sub-surf on once in a while and inspect your character. That will show you where there are bad creases or other things that don’t flow.

Don’t worry too much about the line down the middle. Until you’re ready to join the two halves it can be ignored.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the link. :smiley:

Oh, and by the way, nice model but it still needs a bit more work (especially the hands)

Thanks for comments and the link, and sorry about placing the topic in wrong section

This is very good for a first attempt, something I would not be able to do. but in my humble opinion, the forearms should be smaller than the bicep and the ankles a litte thinner.