my first human head! looks pretty nice!! update on page two

my first attempt at a human head and my first real attempt at uv mapping and texturing. comments and crits needed and welcome :smiley:

It’s great for a first time head. I wish I could do things like that in Blender.

update. changed alot of things mostly the eyes and lips and a little bit of work done to the texture!

I don’t think you should mess with the texture till you get your head finished. Your lacking a forehead! Good start though!

well material shader tests can be ok, but yeah texturing so soon can sometimes lead to problems, but thats np to each his own workflow!

lookin good, hope to see more updates =)

What problems can there be if you texture it in the beggining? The last pic is better.

FBI’ll come after you Robin, that’s what happens. I used to know this guy who always started texturing his models before they were finished, they sent him to god knows where :frowning:


But seriously, since you don’t have the whole model to look at it’s hard to tell whether your current texture will look good when it’s done. And if you’re unwrapping your model things might get weird if you add or rearrange faces and such in your model.

Thank you.

another update, started making the forehead etc. i tried making some ears and they looked really bad so i left them off the render. does any one know of any good ear tutorials for blender?. crits still needed [!]

Your’s totally kicks my heads butt all over the place. Very nice.

Alright some crits for you. Your guy needs eyelids and more detail in the nose. The temp skin texture is nice though. Its coming along though. Just dont rush into uv mapping too quickly. I am finding it a pain to do.

ok another kind of small update.womball thnks for the crits :slight_smile: ive added eye lids, not sure if they look right or not. i couldnt get the hair system to work so i made him a hat :smiley: lol. i know i shouldnt be doing the hair yet considering i havent even finished the head. but this is just a mess around so i can better understand blenders features i.e. particles, uv mapping etc

Well if you have any tips on uv mapping let me know. I am having trouble with it. You might want use spherical eyes. The eyelids should create the shape of the eye you see, but you can animate a sphere very easily. And its realitively close to the actual shape of an eyeball. Like the hat, I might have to do that. Wow I make a rhyme every time.

here is a little update on my head project. if you have noticed i aint added ears yet lol. crits and tips needed plx :slight_smile:

p.s. i hate blender :< sometimes when i press tab to go into edit mode it crashes and windows says blender has caused an error :frowning: if it wasnt for the countless times that has happend i would have been finished the head by now…im scared to edit for longer than a couple of seconds with out saving :frowning:

Same here! I found it happens most when you have the object as “solid” and you press tab to enter edit mode. Just make sure you have it on “wire” before, make frequent backups just in case. Nice head btw.

Weird, never had that happen to me, at least not that I can remember. Which version are you using?

Never happend for me either.

Never experienced that… Using the prerelese on x86_64 linux
Anyway, it looks realy great. any chance you could post a wire?

im using 2.40a with render viewport and some other stuff, i cant remember what cvs it was.

vidar_nelson: ill have some wires up later :slight_smile:

heres the wires and one render from the front

there are some faults in this mesh that i dnt no how to get rid of like a the center of the forhead there is a bunch of traingles :frowning:

i cant do an opengl render becuase the version of blender in using has render viewport instead of the normal screen capture