My first human head (WARN: a lot of images)

Here are some renders and wires of the first human head model done by me.
Please give me some c&c…

PS. I am aware of ‘a strange line in the middle™’ :slight_smile: – it is from mirror modelling, of course…


Nice start!
Mouth and chin and eyes need more work. Ears and nose are looking good.

Really good so far ! But there’s a strange line in the middle … just joking, sorry, I could’nt resist :stuck_out_tongue:

The only part that is strange is the eye area imho, as there’s no space between the eyelids and the eyeball in general :wink:

And hmmm… maybe his ears are strange too, at least when viewed from the top (from the side and front they look ok). They look like they’re too “appart” from the head.