My First Human Head

So I finally got around to modeling my first human head. I created it by following this tutorial, which I thought was pretty helpful, except I think there is an unnecessary amount of edge loops. Anyway, here are the results.

What can I do to improve this model? The shape of the head looks a little off to me, but what do you guys think? Thanks for your opinions.


hmmm :confused:… try to make the eyes smaller and smoothen out the nose a little bit…:yes:

For a first, this is quite good. The lips look too protruding around the corners though. Try looking at reference photos / a mirror to see the smooth transition in that area. Also, the mouth usually isn’t that horizontally straight when it’s at rest, the corners slope down a bit. Apart from that, maybe the temples could be in a bit more and there’s a bit of a crease going down the forehead. Eyes look the right size to me, I think heads are 5 eyes wide which this one looks like.

Thanks a lot for the replies. I have smoothed out the nose and forehead a little and done some work with the lips. Now I’m going to try to make some ears for this person.


i think the lips is still not quite right :yes: