My first human head

Hi, I just recently started learning blender and have been working on a tutorial on modeling the human head. I’m near the end of the tutorial, but I don’t feel quite like I’m doing it right.
I felt like I followed most of the tutorial well, but once it came to connecting the ear to the rest of the head it just seems a bit too messy.

Here’s a screenshot of it before I tried connecting the ear. I’ve made the ear smaller since this screenie.

Should I keep going or delete those faces and try again? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thats pretty good.
In my opinion id just keep it up with the tutorial, then try another tutorial of a head because everyone has slightly different ways of doing things, and theres always neat little tricks you can learn.
This tutorial is pretty in depth for modelling, but quiet long.

and this guy has done some of the most helpful tutorials ive seen

I actually tried that first link you suggested, but I had trouble following it because he detailed it before he made the entire basic mesh (well, doing it that way is probably basic for him!). I’ll probably try it again just to get different methods on modeling human heads.

I’ve been using this tutorial…

…and the edge loops surrounding my ear just don’t look like his because I had a bit of trouble following it. I made a few mistakes which made it hard to follow exactly, but if you say it’s good then I’ll continue!

Also for some good general ideas about polyflow, have a look here:

If you converge the edges to the center like in my example it will help not only with the shape of the crown but it also helps to give you some more places to attach the ear.

Thanks for the example!

Sorry for the double post, just thought I’d update.