My first human model

This is the first head that i ever modeled in blender (his name is Joey) , i am quite pleased with it but it is not finished and i am going to add a body clothes and what not! ( i used AO samples 4 and sky texture toggle button ‘on’, i have 1 ‘Hemi’ light in this scene) C&C welcome!

ok… i’ll try again, (as you know i have tryed before but was unsucsessful in gettng a reply) here is an update from the image above

nice start but there are some things to crit on, the eyes are too streched on the x- axis, the nose doesn’t have depth the teeth aren’t moddeled seperate (but maybe that what you wanded). The overall head should be higher and less thick. The thumbs of him are placed wrong.

hope this is enough crit :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply, i will try to do some of the tings you asked, just some questions, what do you mean by depth to the nose, and are the thumbs not correct (you see, i stood up and put myself in the pose that he is doing and found that my thumbs pointed in towards my body so i thought that it was correct?) and finaly i did want the teeth like that,… thanks fot the comments!!! :wink:

oh srry by depth of the nose i ment the fletness of the nose but never mind i looked at picture 2 it’s ok. and the thumbs… well it is possible to get your thumbs in that position, but a little unusual :wink:

[edit]just to let you know, the thumbs do point to the right direction

oh…, ok

about the thumbs i plan to fully rig joey so i am thinking that this will over come this so called problem? :-?

again thanks for the reply

here is what took me some of yesterday and 3 hours of today to complete, now to start the long and painstaking process of assigning the verticies! SIGH!!! :frowning:

here is joey all rigged and what not!!!


(still isnt finished, plan to put him in scene, i dont have any ideas of what that shall be, sugesstions plz) :wink: