My first human modeling

this is my first human modeling :smiley:
I hope you like it

The link:

my second human:

Do you have comments???

Link error, I’m afraid.


you must copy and paste the link in the address bar :wink:


nice ones so far… but the arms look a little long… espiacially on the first pic…

but, for being your first human models they look pretty good! :smiley:
keep it up.

thank you

I think you’ve made a good start, but the proportions are a little off.

you got my comments on the first one…but for the second…WOW!! Great job! Except for the hand…lol j/k (I know you said you didn’t work on them):wink:

I’m sure the third will be alot better because the second is great!

Keep up blending!

I’m sorry, but the first one looks like a gorilla. The second one looks great, though.