my first humanish body (maybe with a head)

ello ppl, this is my first attemp at an organic human like body, im starting it for a peice of course work at college for a multimedia project (will be an animation) and this is wha ti have so far, i know its by no means super but its sposed to sorta be a warped human body creature thing, what im really after though is some advice on how to make trousers for him/it, sounds a bit odd i know but i cant get the hang of them, well anyway, any help would go along way.
(ps, it was made with no referecnces or sources, just straight form my head to my hand, so be nice please :slight_smile: )


ermm, There is nothing wrong with using refs and sources. I would use some. The torso is way off. The stomach muscles are too low and the chest is too high. Also he looks a little starved with the bottom of the ribs showing.

First, I’d turn on setsmooth. Second, you should definitely get some references, the anatomy is way off. See if you can use some reference pics figure out some of what’s wrong, if not I’m sure we can all give you tips to improve.