My first humanoid

Hello everyone. I have started a new project and because its my firs time I’m making human (girl/women), I would like to ask for some advice.

Here’s today’s work.:

It would be nice if someone comment my work and tell me weak points of it. Had some difficulties with lips, nose and I’m not sure about area around eyes.

The form looks good, but the loop flow needs to be different - you need the edge loops to form circles around the eyes and mouth - right now you have corners or poles, polygons that touch at five polygons. There is a loop cut tutorial in the tutorials section that discusses this theory, also Torq’s thread on Better Face Tutorial shows good loop cuts.
You’ll need them corrected to make good smooth animation/posing.
Very nice so far, good effort!!!

aisbaa, i think your model is excellent! One thing though, when I did my head (and remember I’m totally new at this and mine is not near as good as yours) I modeled the eyes seperatelly. I found it very difficult to get the lids right. I guess the benifit to doing the eyes seperately is if one wants to animate them. I noticed however that the problem for you would be to ensure a round eye-ball. Not really critisizing your work but it’s probably something to think about. Again, your modelling work is unreal man!

Thank you craigomatic I’m rebuilding face edge loops, thought I didn’t found any tut material (TorQ’s A Better Face Tutorial V 1.1(UPDATE) misses picture).

Palerider thank you for noticing my meshing mistakes I’m in to it right now, thank you very much.

Because TorQ’s A Better Face Tutorial V 1.1(UPDATE) mises pictures - could any one direct me or upload here the edge loop diagram, witch should be in TorQ’s tutorial.
The link was updated later in the thread.
Also, I put in the search function “Torq’s” and several more threads concerning loops came up.

Looking good, so please do keep going!!!

If I’m not mistaken I think these are the pics:
Here is another one that I think is very helpful:
The person that did this also posted more pics for reference.

Little update.:

Please comment… Am I doing it right or not. Is my mesh clean or not, what should I fix.
And could anyone tell me how to model female’s neck, I found it pretty hard.

P. S. Thank you all for giving me advises and face map’s also, 1000_X_Thanks :).

Could anyone suggest how to model these parts:

And there update render :slight_smile: :

Todays update:

And another thing appeared, I don’t know how to model arm’s and shoulder’s. Could any one point haw to ?

Have you ever considered downloading one of the commercial anatomical meshes that are offered for free (loss-leaders for software and add-ons), and studying one of those in detail?

No I haven’t. Thanks I’ll try that out…

Hello again, I’ve done a little update… please comment on this, it would be nice to know your opinion…

I’ve ran in to little problem …
As you can see I’ve made a lot of curves (36) for making hair …

… but then I try to change one of them

changes applies to all of then
what do suggest …