My first image!

Hey everyone…
Ok, my forword…
I know this image is very bad compared to all the great people’s work here, but its my first shot!
Any ideas, tips, etc, would be very welcome!!!

*sorry for the smaller size, I’m just getting used to using :wink: *

looks nice :smiley: . its better than my first artwork. the only comment i have is: what is that hovering object at the middle object?

Hehe, it is supposed to be a bell.
I think i’m gonna have to go back and fix it up a bit.
Thanks for the comments!

I think that hovering object is supposed to be a hammer, good work for a beginner.

Wow, great mood, very ambitious, awesome work! :smiley:
I hope to see some of your future works. :slight_smile:

better than my first… :smiley:

Is this the bell from The Chronicles of Narnia, or just an uncanny resemblance?

I find the fact that the leading side of the well is totally black shadow. That’s a too-large black space. But the concept is nice. Maybe if you just sprinkle a little “pixie dust” (a particle system) to explain why the hammer’s floating and to make it look properly magical (also drawing attention to it) and you have a very nice, original fantasy-picture.

Ah hah!
Someone got it!
hehe, I was waiting to see if someone would find out.
Yep, this is my own personal take on the bell from Narnia.
I started reading all the books again right when I started using blender, and decided I would try to make some of the scenes in the book… =)
It gave me some really good things to test out.
Next i’m going to try my hand at a large stone table and the Tomb of kings.
Sundial, thanks for the tip. I think I will try to fix that a bit!

I love the Narnia series! I look forward to more illustrations of them from you! Nice work on the image, too, btw! (Which book is this from? I can’t remember it… its been too long…)

Thanks for the compliments!
This image is from the first book, The Magicians Nephew.
I’m working on the second image (Stone table from the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe) and the third (Tomb of Kings from the 3rd book, The horse and his boy.)
Not sure what I’ll do for the other 4, partly because I have not re-read them yet, but i’m sure I’ll get some ideas eventually!

ha ha ha!!!

Do the stable from the last battle 8)