My first indoor scene

Hi Guys,
i did my first indoor scene using cycles. I was just trying materials and so on… So, what do you think? any suggestions for improvement?

…Wait, there’s grass inside your room? :S
Well, it’s not bad for a first scene. Let me give you some tips tho:
-Try not to use tilted camera on architecture renders. If you look to the left end of the image, it seems that eventually everything will just fall down, as if the room was inclined.
-Your sofa is too rough. There should be some pillows, and you also should use sculpting and normal map. If you not sure how to do that, just google it, or go to or, there’s plenty of free tutorials there.
-Your wood needs a normal map too, and maybe also a spec and occlusion map. There’s no real need to worry about that right now if you’re just starting, but you may think about it later.
-And finally, your colors doesn’t match. You may research about that too, looking on interior design sites for good color palettes (for interiors), but if you don’t want to do that, just try to imagine if that room was real. Would you want to live on it? Do you think it’s a comfortable place?

Thank you for critique :slight_smile: a needed something like that and i will try to improve those things and then, i will post a new render :slight_smile:

I’ll be waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

I can accept the sofa, but the carpet looks like a forest. :slight_smile: Also, the second layer of the table … the lower piece of glass … is too-hard to separate from the top one. (Personally, I think I’d just simplify the table so that it has just one layer of glass.)

Consider an orthographic perspective on the lens.

There’s a lot of interesting geometry in the shot: I’d like to have a bookshelf that looks like that, and the diagonal (cut-off by the right side of the frame) works very nicely to make that otherwise-could-be-boring feature become interesting. Since you’re on a roll in decorating the place, how about some pillows on the sofa? Some little three-dimensional wall hanging near the lamp … maybe an equally-quirky little set of shelves with cups and other oddments on it?

Add some color to the lighting. Consider the color-wheel as you choose the tints.

Ortographic projection on an interior render???
It’s nice to use lower FOV values, but orthographic? No

Very nice first indoor scene. I agree with the comments about the carpet - looks like the canopy of a mini-rain forest - you might consider that for an outdoor scene. Table looks very nice. Sofa does look uninviting to sit on.

Hi everyone, Thank you for great critique :slight_smile: so according to advices i tried to improve it, so here is my renders (some thnigs still need improvements).
Here is first render with table cover:

and then i removed talecover, 'cause i though that it looks weird (and i aslo added shelf and did some smaller changes :slight_smile: ). here it is:

So what do you think? i know it’s not perfect, i am just learning “the secrets of blender” :smiley: :slight_smile:

You’ve managed to improve it with our feedback, and that’s good. And tbh I liked the table cover, just not really sure if it fits the scene tho.
There are still some things to consider:

Your colors are not very inviting, they still doesn’t match. Green emits some sense of energy and socialization. But not your green. You should try this one on one of your walls: And then, on the same link, you can see color palettes that use Lime Sorbet. The one with Gardenia and Midday Sun is very good. Your could try Lime Sorbet on one of the walls and Gardenia on the rest. The furniture could use some color close to Midday Sun (altho darker browns are ok too). Also, your carpet is still green, and it looks like a fake grass or something.
Also, your painting on the wall isn’t matching very well with the rest of the furniture.
Also! The cloud texture on the pillows ins’t doing them much good.
And there’s your sofa, which is still not very inviting. There should something on it so people can sit their back on. Take a look at this:
And btw, the gold on your trophies is too green.

Are you using reference photographs? If not, you should start doing so, it’s very important on archviz.

The table color was fine. The wall now seems to have a green tint to it.
I suggest your first priority is to change the carpet - it still looks like a mini-forest, or something used when flying over the lush rain-forest of the Amazon in some future scene.
Then add some warm color to the walls, but just a subtle amount. The shelf is a good addition.

I think it looks nice and those changes made a big difference. I agree with the comments about the rug, I think it’s a good size and you did a nice job texturing it but maybe tone it down some so it is all one level and definitely a different color. You could also try adding some molding to the bottom of the wall to give it some dimension. Also for rendering purposes you could have the light coming out of the floor lamp in that scene because I think the lighting is too flat. I really like the coffee table though you did a nice job with the reflections.

so i finally got home and i’ve read all the crituques… :slight_smile: Thank you very much… but i think, that i won’t do another render or a remake (maybe in future), because, i just wanted to learn what to do and what don’t :slight_smile: so… i will use all this critiques (like colors, camera angle, reference photo etc.) to make a completely new scene. :slight_smile: but i don’t have much time now (because of school and so on :smiley: ). but i thank you all again :slight_smile: