My first interior cycles Scene

This is my first render in Cycles so i thought i would create a interior scene to try it out, so i found a image to go by and created this.

And here is the reference image i used

The image was render at 4500 passes.

I next i’m hoping on working on something in the foreground like a table and adding a picture on the white wall.And fixing a few problems with the stairs.

wow amazing! it’s all made with cycle?? one thing add some bump to the parquet, through the planks on the floor it seems too planar

I wouldn’t add a table. I would get rid of the rug and add the bookshelf with the painting. I would also make the painting have more of a vibrant “modern art” feel, and lighten up the scene a bit.

The stairs and everything around them look great :slight_smile:

It’s just the rug and the dimness that’s making it suffer.

Keep up the good work!

I love actually the light far stairs… really great. Only texturex specialy the floor, more sharp?

Looks like all of the wood needs more reflectivity and also a little more light comming from behind the camera. Overall the stairwell lighting looks great, just the main wall in the center of the render is dim and should probably pop out with some light and maybe an art peice? Great job though, glade to see you choosing a different reference picture than Blender Guru:)

Happy Blending!

Heres a updated image,was only render to 600 passes but i wanted to make some changes.Like lighting and the wood need to be more reflective.Not sure about the current art on the wall but i will do for now.

Like the art :wink: Maybe make something else in the scene yellow to go with it?

Small wooden children’s toys?Something like this just on the floor scatted about the place?

I think that might impact the sophistication of the scene. Maybe yellow napkins on the counter? Yellow trim on the floor?

Heres a quick update added a yellow napkin and changed the lighting more.

Reusing the texture on the cabinet doors has got to go. Do like the reference image and have the texture continuous across the doors.

Just my 2 cents. ($39.95 with shipping and handling)

Here’s an update!

Good Work. Put some more detail in the floor in front! The floor texture looks a bit low res, it could also use some bump / displacement / modeled detail and a bit more gloss.

Or maybe just bring the camera up off the floor. In the reference picture the camera angle is much higher. If you are going for that specific angle I agree with HoverKraft. Eitherway adding a bit more gloss will help. It’s looking good tho keep it up:)

Agreed with 2 above piosters… floor needs a bt more attention… make it look like “planks” that don’run across the whole length of teh floor… other than that I think you are doing an excellent work.

How would i got about adding modelling detail for the floor as bump mapping and/or adding a AO textured map to it does not seem to work very well.

This looks great so far. Another detail to add at floor level would be either a tiny expansion gap or a baseboard where the floor meets the wall. Right now that junction looks unnaturally sharp and CG. For similar reasons you might try adding a small bevel to the edges of the console table.