My first interior design and i want some critique


took me a while to notice the little andrew on the laptop screen :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: .
i’m a rookie in archviz myself but here’s what i think:
-the scene lacks some details, you could add more objects to fill it up.
-Golden faucet? hmmm
-there’s too much order and symmetry, try to break up the symmetrical pattern. I can hear the wild Andrew saying through the screen “imperfection is the digital perfection”.The curtains, the doors and mats on either side, plus the three vases arranged like trophies look too symmetrical.

I think your scene lacks a focal element. Think about where you want people to be drawn to, being able to see outside with the snow and trees is a bit distracting.

First of all, great start. As to things to watch out for:

  1. Lighting is waaay too dark. Place some area lights in the room to lighten things up.
  2. Materials are pretty flat, and realistically you could add bevels to your edges to make them look more natural.
  3. The pictures on the wall don’t look very natural - I’d just a hair of a bump texture to the glass, very large scale. No glass is ever a mathematical plane, and you see that very clearly in oblique reflections.
  4. As stated above, the scene is a bit too tight. I’d experiment with loosening it up by moving the camera just a bit off the center and/or pulling back to show more of the room. Also consider moving the point of view lower, to that of someone sitting in a chair or on a sofa.

But again, overall a great start. Wish my first efforts looked anywhere as good.

thank for the critique i will try not to be to symmetric in the stuff i put

thanks i didn’t know what fill the wall so i putted photo and some glass didn’t think about it to much

do i put the light i behind the camera

That’s a start, but think about how the lighting would work in a real room. Put lights where you’d have ceiling and floor lamps, maybe sconces. (Of course if they are seen in the scene, you’ll need more than just a light source).