My first interior image

hello all i found this page today, so i thought register in :slight_smile:

So here is my very first interior image…and actually first seriously made picture. i have trained with blender about 7 months now…and i think this is result at the moment what ive learned from tutorials.
this is rendered with blender 2.62 cycles and end result(dont know how to say it) is 600.
resolution is 3960 x 2160. i tred first 1980 x 1080 but ir was mess when i zoomed in so now its alot smoother.

i made lighting again and here is result:


Hi, might I suggest you make the world outside white, as it will look more believable. Check out my blends on “Country Kitchen” and “The White Room”.

Lookin good so far :wink:

thanks for advice, ill try it. do i need then make emissions and pointlights brighter so those makes same shadows as this has now?

The basic set up I use for Cycles interiors just now is:

  1. White World background set to default, or add the Sky Texture, but use it subtley, don’t go too heavy with the dusk end.
  2. Use Mesh emitters for windows, make them “invisible” to the camera in the objects panel (at the bottom).
  3. Avoid Area-Lights at all costs!
  4. If you want extra light, maybe place a Mesh Emitter behind the camera and shape it’s size like a window or door opening.

If you modify it, post it up again, would be fun to see the difference :wink:

i followed your instructions and added it below the first picture… hopefully its closer now :slight_smile:

Looks a lot better now, one last thing would be to over-expose the background image as if the scene was a shot on camera, the interior would be nicely exposed and the window opening would be over exposed. Just a little brightening and desaturation in Gimp or Photoshop should do the trick :wink: