My First Interior Scene

Blender 2.61, 1000 passes in cycles.
My first attempt at an Interior scene as well.

You need some reflectivity on the floor. Use a mix-node with a glossnode and a diffuse node.

Two things that you might want to look at are:

  • The blue sofa (doesn’t fit with the rest of the furniture)
  • The lighting (scene is too dark, try placing a point lamp roughly where it would be in real life…)

Made this a bit brighter, and changed a few of the textures. The couch is still off compared to the rest of the scene.

The texture of the floor is huge I think that that is not possible, you should also add some normals to the floor in order to make it look better, other thing that its weird is that the wood on the furniture have lmost none reflectiiness.
I think that if you change that it ll look great, good job so far!