My first interior

Hey all,

I’ve discovered Blender mid-December 2019.
I started with a low-poly room, then sculpted a character and then moved on to something more serious.
As I’m planning to re-do a room in my apartment, I figured why not make something in my newly discovered hobby!

I have been working on this for about 1 month during my free nights (which are not a lot).
I would highly appreciate any tips at this point!

My first iteration on January 26 was:

The latest render (and color correction in LightRoom):

I know the wall boards above the desks look unfinished. For some reason the material doesn’t show right. Not sure why.

Clay view:

Rendered with Cycles at 3000 samples with 3 light bounces on a 1050Ti took me about 2,5H

After the comments below I’ve changed the sample size to 1000, 2 light bounces with blenders denoiser at 12px radius and changing the indirect clamp down to 5 I managed to produce the following:

Took 1:48:39 time to render on my 1050Ti

Here’s my last iteration, based on 150(!) samples using the compositing denoiser as @Gianta and @Cloud2405 had tried to explain. The time went down to only 16 minutes(!):

Please let me know if you have any tips!


For the first try, really impressive. I only have to major suggestions for improving. First, the picture is grainy here and there. Did you use the Denoiser in the Composition tab? Second I would brighten up the outview of the window or give it a bit blur. Lowing down the saturation of the background image also helps to highlight the room.

2,5 h are in my opinion to long. Do you know “18 Ways to Speed Up Blender Cycles Rendering” from Blender Guru? There are some helpfull tricks to speed up the rendertime in Cycles. If not you can find the video on Youtube.

Thanks for the great tips!
I have a background in design and photography which definitely helps having an eye for some more detailed results I would say.

I actually used the OptiX denoiser, however I added grain post-production to try and mimic a more photo realistic look. I guess it’s a bit too much grain?

I wasn’t entirely sure about the window. I’ll definitely have another look into that!

I think I did watch the video, but maybe haven’t optimized it as much as I could. It’s only a 1050Ti and my previous renders of this scene have taken longer actually haha. Worst one was over 12H! :scream:

Again, thanks for the tips! It’s highly appreciated!

As first result, well done!
As Cloud2405 said, 2,5 are definitely too much for a first render… The new denoise feature in Blender 2.82 is like magic, and with 400 samples you can get amazing results!
I would keep 1920x1080, 400-800 samples are enough! (for sketch renders use even 64 samples!)

Have you tried some PBR materials? It’s basically a material made by 3-4-5 etc textures, for color, glossiness, normal bump etc…
Try watch this short video!
I think they could be a game changing factor for your render, giving to it more depth.
( costs a lot, but there are other websites like

Also, try an HDRI environmental texture! You may find them here:
HDRI have a “better looking light” because the light come from a real photo.

Anyway, as first attempt, good job, keep going!

Thanks Gianta!

As soon as I got home I downloaded 2.82 to see how it is.
I’ve lowered the sample count to 600 and added the denoiser with the standard settings (radius: 8, str:.5, Fstr:.5, all other settings both D&I).

next to this I found the following for blurring images:

As the other building is just a plane with an image. Seems to work quite well!
Next to that I changed the shader nodes on the plane to put the saturation down to .8, brightness and contrast up with .8 and an rgb curve to make it ever so slightly more blue.

Resulting in :

It’s currently rendering and giving me an estimated time of 1:05h total.
After this I’ll use the same compositing and Post Processing (but I’ll remove the grain) in LR to see if how much the difference is.

I am using PBR materials on: the floor, chair, desk (not the drawers) and couch.

I do have an HDRI attached to it actually.
I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted so I took something very close to it and added a sun light to mimic an evening with the sun going down.

Thanks again guys, I’ll update soon!

Alright. Update:
Time did go down drastically. Total time now was 1:10:36.31
However, the denoising settings by default are far from desirable.
image image image image image

Default settings are obviously not the way to go :frowning:
Going to play around a bit and see if I can make it better.

I am however, very pleased with the result of the building in the window:

After playing around a bit yesterday, I had no better results yet.
I followed the video from blender guru about 18 improvements, yet did not get any better results.
I did not use a denoiser here to try and cut time, and did up the samples to 1000 in hopes of getting a bit better result. But sadly it did not work. My total time even went up a bit to 1:38:35. So obviously no improvement there.
The quality also did not get much better. And there’s lots and lots of fireflies.
image image image

Trying to denoise after this with either the OptiX addon, or even LR did not yield any usable results either:
No denoiser

OptiX D-Noise

LR Denoise
Obviously LR denoised (and got rid of fireflies) the most, but it lost a lot of detail.
image image image image image

Tried another go with the denoiser added with radius set to 12px on 1000 samples I got:

This still took 1:48:39.
It’s not very obvious, but there are some artifacts. Next to this, it lost some detail.
Anyway, I figured this was probably my best bet right now. and I started some PP in LR.
First iteration (too much color and too much “detail”)

Second iteration (truer colors, bit better detail):

It seems to me I can’t improve too much on the render time without losing quality.
I’m not sure if the blender file will help but if anybody wants to have a look at it I could upload it.

Please let me know :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to help you out, pack the textures and upload the file if you want, I’ll give it a look tomorrow!
I have a 1060, very close to your 1050ti (I guess )

Actually, thanks to your denoiser tip in the compositer (I wasn’t aware that existed until you reacted on your own post) I managed to set it down to 150 samples and cut the time down to 16 MINUTES!
Here’s the result after PP:

I’m not sure how to pack the textures yet (never done this). I’ll look up somewhere how to do it though. However, tomorrow I have a busy day, so there’s quite a chance it won’t be until quite late. European Standard Time btw. (Amsterdam).

Thanks you want to have a look as well!

That’s great, it even looks better now with some compositing.
Anyway, that’s how you pack texture, always useful to share files in this way:

Tried to quickly pack it before heading to work.
I’m not sure if it went well.

Same time btw, Venice here!
I’m studying your scene:
Some textures are missing, but that’s not a problem, I replaced them with some of mine, made some changes, just to explain something!

Sometimes, I solve problems by copying everything to a new file (a freshstart) - a did it here too

-everyone has different ways to work, I don’t use so many collections as you do, I only use 2-3 (walls + doors - forniture - maybe plant etc…) but this is personal;

-on shader editor, Pbr textures: roughness, displacement and normal maps must be on “non-colour data” (only diffuse is srgb)

! many of your textures have this problem, just change them to non colour and the material will become “more real”
Said this, to get a really good render, to 90% of the work is focused on materials and lighting.
I’m working with blender for 2 years and it’s still hard to get a nice realistic render!
I’m not criticizing your work - that for a new user is amazing - but the scene!
You are new, so I’d like to give you a tip: work on material and lighting, from now.
Don’t use low quality models with poor quality texture (like the sofa of guitar)

I’m attaching a new scene, with some changes, I hope you can learn something from this file!
I’ve removed the image on background because it could lead some errors in terms of lighing

Image attached 1280 x 720 - 400 samples + denoiser node - gtx1060 about 8min
I’d definitely rise up the samples to 800 to see the result! Blend file

Wow thanks for the great tips!
I downloaded yours just now and I’m rendering with how you saved it to see the difference between our cards. Seems it’s actually still quite a bit as I’m on almost 16 minutes.

Maybe it’s time for me to buy a better GC :stuck_out_tongue:

Will for sure look into the materials. I wasn’t aware of the non colour settings.
I was hoping the sofa wasn’t that bad. I tried to recreate a real sofa that my (soon to move in) gf has. Guess I didn’t do so well on that one huh :stuck_out_tongue: The guitar was from turbosquid actually.

I’ll mess around a bit more, and let you know later or tomorrow how your tips work out for me!

I’ve messed around a bit after some days off.
Tried your floor and some different HDRI’s (including yours).
But I can’t seem to get the lighting just right. I feel it’s always a little off.
Even when I render your version I don’t get the same lighting.

Also, when I look at your render above, the walls seem to be just gray. No lighting affects it, or at least not as much as with mine (same for the floor). Is this on purpose?

I was busy with work sorry for the delay!
For the gray: I think I’ve “touched” the specular option in the Principled node - it’s better to use it at the default value 0.5

I think that the light effect on the window is a bit unrealistic… Have you used a plane with an emission? Or is it just an HDRI ?

In the case of an HRDI: in the shader editor, select the world option and try this setup (maybe you already know)

In this way you can rotate the hdri on the z axis, chaging the light: try to get the best shadow effects

I’d also start working on the “compositing” layer, adding some brigh/contrast controls, color correction. glare etc!

Let me know anything!